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a large group of people standing around a blue carpet
a large group of people standing around a blue carpet

Digital Asset Expo

Engaging Sessions

Creator Lab

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a man in a black shirt and glasses holding a bird
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a woman in a black suit and red pants is holding a microphone
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a man standing on a stage with a microphone and a microphone
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a man and woman in a recording studio

Inspiring Keynotes

Networking Events

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a couple of people standing in front of a green sky

Icelandic Excursions

At the 2024 Digital Asset Congress, attendees can anticipate an exhilarating blend of innovation, insight, and interaction.

The event's centerpiece, the Digital Asset Expo, is a single-day event featuring a dazzling array of the latest technologies and services in the digital asset space. Complementing this, a series of inspiring fireside chats delivered by industry luminaries will offer profound insights into the future of digital assets: Domains, Websites, AI, Web3, and beyond. The following days will include engaging keynotes and sessions, providing deep dives into specific topics, and fostering learning and discussion.

With meticulously planned events designed to connect like-minded professionals in a dynamic setting, networking opportunities will abound. A The Creator Lab will be a hub of activity for content creators, featuring around-the-clock live podcasts and streams, allowing attendees to witness and participate in live content creation.

The congress will also feature amazing Icelandic excursions, showcasing Iceland's breathtaking landscapes and cultural richness. These excursions provide a perfect backdrop for smaller, topic-specific discussions for a more focused and intimate exchange of ideas.

The 2024 Digital Asset Congress is set to be an unmissable event, blending professional growth with unique experiences, set in Iceland's stunning and inspiring environment.

For Digital Creators: Connect with leading MSPs and streaming service executives. Gain insights into securing digital content and the emerging trends in Web3. This congress is a unique opportunity for creators to network, learn, and engage in a dynamic environment, all set in the inspiring locale of Iceland.

For Cloud and Hosting Providers: Present your solutions in digital asset commerce and storage. Explore the advancements in Web3 and the internet's next evolution. This event is a prime networking opportunity with digital creators and industry influencers, fostering collaborative growth and innovation.

For Domain Owners and Brokers

Network with professionals from digital creation and cloud hosting sectors. Discover how domains are increasingly integral in the Web3 landscape and identify potential buyers for top-level domains. The congress offers a platform for strategic connections and industry insights.

For Web3 Experts

Engage with digital creators and Web3 enthusiasts. Discuss blockchain's role in digital trademarking and branding, and its impact on the future of Web3 and cryptocurrency. This gathering is an opportunity to share and gain knowledge in a rapidly evolving field.

For E-Commerce Professionals

Meet executives from top Managed Hosting Providers and E-Commerce platforms. Learn about the transformative effects of AI and cloud technology on e-commerce and the digital landscape. The congress is a hub for discovering new trends and forging significant industry connections.

For WordPress Experts

Interact with developers of innovative WordPress plugins and solutions. Understand the full potential of WordPress as a tool for web publishing and digital creation. The event is a chance to connect with fellow WordPress enthusiasts and explore new possibilities.

For Legal and Trademark Professionals

Join discussions on the ethical use of AI and the future of digital trademarking. Delve into the legal implications of web accessibility and digital trademarking, shaping the future of digital law and ethics in a rapidly evolving digital world.

For Digital Publishers

Network with top MSPs and streaming service executives. Learn strategies for content protection and explore the future of Web3 and digital assets. The congress provides a platform for publishers to stay ahead in the digital content realm.

For SaaS Founders

Showcase your solutions to digital-first innovators and thinkers. Form key partnerships essential for business growth. The congress is an opportunity to present your innovations and collaborate with potential partners and clients in the digital space.

At the Digital Asset Congress, every conversation, every session, and every connection opens a door to new possibilities. Join us in this dynamic convergence of minds and ideas, shaping the future of the digital world.

For MSP and Infrastructure Providers

Explore opportunities in supporting the backbone of digital assets. Network with industry leaders, understand emerging trends, and showcase your infrastructure solutions to a targeted audience.

For Venture Capital Investors

Connect with startups and established companies driving digital innovation. Discover investment opportunities in digital assets, blockchain, and emerging technologies in a dynamic networking environment.

For Influencers

Leverage your reach and influence in the digital realm. Engage with industry leaders, explore collaboration opportunities, and understand emerging trends in digital assets. Forge new partnerships with the leaders of the web.

For Payment Processors

Showcase your payment solutions tailored for the digital asset market. Network with e-commerce professionals, SaaS founders, and other key players, understanding their needs and offering cutting-edge payment solutions.

For Affiliate Marketers

Dive into a world where affiliate marketing meets the cutting-edge of digital assets. At the Digital Asset Congress, affiliates have the unique opportunity to connect with a wide array of digital businesses, from e-commerce giants to innovative SaaS providers.

For Crypto Enthusiasts

Lean and discuss the role of alt coins and tokenization in the digital asset marketplace. Get the latest information on legislation and legal implications of the future of crypto.

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Munir Badr

Meet the Team

The Digital Asset Congress boasts a team of industry veterans with an unparalleled depth of experience. These visionaries have been involved since the very inception of the internet, making them true pioneers in the field. As founders of Open Source CMS and Domain Events, they've played instrumental roles in shaping the domain and digital asset landscape. Beyond their entrepreneurial success, they've also been members of Open Source Matters, ICANN, and esteemed C-Level web hosting and domain executives. Their combined expertise spans decades and encompasses diverse facets of the digital ecosystem. With such a stellar lineup, the Digital Asset Congress is primed to deliver groundbreaking insights and solutions in the ever-evolving world of digital assets.

Emcee / MOC

Jason Nickerson


Head of MENA Partnerships

Robert Jacobi

Head of Hosting Partnerships