Why the Digital Asset Congress is the Perfect Follow-Up to WordCamp US 2024

Learn about its focus on WordPress, digital assets, networking opportunities, and why it's perfectly timed for attendees from Europe and the US.

2/28/20243 min read

If you plan to attend WordCamp US in 2024, you're in for a treat. The learning and networking can continue the following week. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away – especially for those traveling from Europe – is the Digital Asset Congress in Reykjavík, Iceland, from September 23-26, 2024. This event promises to be an unmissable opportunity for anyone interested in the intersection of digital assets and web technologies, particularly those revolving around WordPress.

The Ideal Itinerary for European Attendees

For European attendees of WordCamp US, the Digital Asset Congress offers a convenient and compelling stop on their journey home. Instead of a long, uninterrupted flight back to Europe, why not break the trip with a stop in Iceland? Reykjavík is a stunning city with its unique blend of culture and nature and a burgeoning hub for digital innovation. This makes it an ideal location for an event focused on the future of digital assets.

A Weekend Break for US Attendees

Those attending from the States will appreciate the scheduling. After the excitement of WordCamp, there's a weekend buffer to recoup before embarking on the journey to Iceland. This break is crucial for avoiding burnout and ensuring attendees are refreshed and ready to absorb all the new information and experiences the Digital Asset Congress offers.

The Digital Asset Expo: A Highlight

One of the key features of the Digital Asset Congress is the Digital Asset Expo, which takes place only on the first full day of the event. This timing is perfect for attendees who are also coming from WordCamp. It ensures that you can handle back-to-back events and engage fully with the expo, which is set to showcase the latest in digital asset technology and innovation. It also allows sponsors to get the visibility needed, but not working a booth for the whole show.

Focused Content on WordPress and Beyond

The content at the Digital Asset Congress is particularly relevant for those coming from WordCamp. The congress will delve into topics at the forefront of WordPress users' minds, such as domain management, the integration of Generative AI, website development, e-commerce solutions, and advanced payment gateways. This focus ensures that the knowledge gained at WordCamp can be directly applied and expanded upon in the context of digital assets.

Networking Opportunities Without Boundaries

The most exciting aspect of the Digital Asset Congress is its unparalleled networking opportunities. The event will attract diverse professionals from across the globe, transcending geographical and industry boundaries. This melting pot of ideas and experiences is the perfect environment for forging new partnerships, gaining unique insights, and finding inspiration from unexpected sources.

Why Reykjavík?

Reykjavík, the host city, is more than just a scenic stopover. It's a city rapidly gaining a reputation as a hub for innovation, making it the perfect backdrop for an event focused on the future of digital assets. The city's unique blend of culture, infrastructure, technology, and stunning natural beauty provides an ideal setting for learning and relaxation, ensuring attendees enjoy a well-rounded experience.

The Takeaway

The Digital Asset Congress in Reykjavík is not just an event to consider after WordCamp US 2024; it's a must-attend for anyone serious about staying at the forefront of digital asset technology and WordPress. Its timing, location, and content perfectly align to provide maximum value to attendees, especially those already invested in WordPress and web technologies.

By attending WordCamp US and the Digital Asset Congress, you'll be positioning yourself at the cutting edge of digital innovation, gaining insights into the latest trends and technologies, and expanding your network in ways that will significantly impact your professional journey. So, mark your calendars for September 23-26, 2024, and prepare for an experience that promises to enrich, educate, and inspire.